Ribs, Made in America II

For most details, check out my original post Ribs, Made in America. I decided to try two different things with this rack.

I cut the rack in half and placed one in a brine and the other I rubbed with the ingredients from the original post.

The brine consisted of:

4 cups of apple juice

1 tbsp of salt

15 shakes of black pepper

IMG_1938The other half of the rack.

IMG_1939After about 18 hours in the fridge

IMG_1949I rinsed off the brine with cold water, patted dry with a paper towel and then coated them both with the regular rub. I didn’t have any honey today, so I used extra brown sugar.


Don’t forget to light your grill: Lighting Your Primo or Big Green Egg.


After some time on the grill.

IMG_1963They are starting to look delicious.



Time to start putting on the BBQ sauce.

IMG_1973They are almost ready to come off.

IMG_1978I preferred the side that was not brined, but everyone else liked the brine version. Either way, these were some of the best ribs I have ever made.


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