Lighting Your Primo or Big Green Egg

Dump charcoal in until it is about 4-6″ from where your grill grate or heat deflector will be. Be sure to open the vent on the bottom as this will allow air to flow up through the coals so that they ignite better and it will cause the fire to spread through the coals giving you a hot grill. I prefer a Looftlighter because it is quick and easy, but you will need electricity.


I personally like to light my Primo in 4 areas, usually following this pattern: top, left, right, center and then bottom because it starts to get warm inside rather quickly. By lighting it in 4 places, it causes the grill to come up to temp faster. **Be careful here because it depends on what you will be cooking. If you are cooking something slow such as Pulled Pork or Ribs you will want to make sure the grill doesn’t get too hot.**


Once you have lit the grill in 4 areas, or your preference, leave the lid open so that the air will flow through, providing the grill with much needed oxygen to let the flames spread through the coals.

I usually place my Looftlighter in the bottom vent and blow some air throughout the grill, which just helps the fire to spread faster.


You should leave the lid open until all or most of your top layer of coals have turned gray. Once this is accomplished, you can place your grill grate back on, shut the lid and start adjusting your vents to get to the right temperature.


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